Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Compare Spending Habits With Your Peers

This is a neat website that allows you to compare spending habits with your peers in the same geography. Very cool engine at http://www.Bundle.com

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Mike K. said...

Another great write-up and useful link. I've bookmarked your webpages and will be telling friends about the information here.

Auto Finance Insider (AFI) said...

Thanks Mike - Keep reading and post comments for the good of the F&I community!

Angel Network said...

This site is nice. One can use it if he want to improve their wealth.

Dave J said...

Hello, I am starting a website with two sites that compliment each other one is an automotive lead source (autoleadsource.com). The other is for automotive internet marketing the site is DealerDomination.com Now my question is do you think a good feature for the site would be a live f&i chat for consumers to ask questions. If you do think this is a good idea would this blog be a good spot to find more people to help manage the chat? Thank you in advance for any help from f&i professionals. Sincerely Dave