Friday, January 2, 2009


Nothing will lower your PVR faster than a bad attitude.

by: Michael Finnan

Maybe the first deal you see is 15 minutes prior to closing and it is a cash deal. The check is completely filled in from the customer’s lender; a lender you know you are able to beat their rates, terms and carries. Now what???

There is nothing you can do at this point that is going to change the fact that this customer is your customer and this deal is your deal. The thing you can control is your attitude, your response and your actions.

Try these 4 steps to a positive attitude:

1. Smile!

2. Deep Breath.

3. Every time a deal, a customer, Sales Manager or Salesperson cross the threshold into your office everything must be positive. You still have to do the deal so why not do it with a positive attitude? Do you think that a positive or negative attitude will produce a higher PVR?

4. Always thank a customer for their business, no exceptions! Smile!

Have you noticed that these 4 steps begin and end with a smile? That is not by accident, a smile indicates you are a friendly person and people will trust and like you more if you smile. Smiling is free and what if it could boost your PVR?

Today’s F&I Manager must be a closer, a banker, an attorney and your paperwork must be 100% correct or it is wrong. Typically the F&I Manger is the most professional sales person in the dealership and makes the dealership the most amount of profit in the shortest amount of time. Most dealerships could not continue to run with out the income their F&I offices produce. Your role in the dealership is crucial.

Here are some final thoughts:

Never let the things that other people do wrong upset you or cause you to be unprofessional. They have not earned that right; do not give it to them

Keep in mind that although cash deals can be more challenging they are still an opportunity. A good menu presentation will sell products to a cash customer.

Keep your head and attitude up - good selling!

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Profit Drivers said...

Refreshing article, thank you! Sometimes we just need a nudge to remind of us the basics. Great post to start the New Year!