Friday, November 14, 2008

Cutbacks Put Top F&I Managers On the Street - AFIP Career Center Puts Them Back in the Box

I am not being compensated by AFIP in any way for this endorsement *** If Dave Robertson would like to, my email address is - hint hint.

The Association of Finance & Insurance Professionals is launching the industry's first F&I-targeted job board.

The AFIP CareerCenter will bring together well-qualified potential employees and the employers in need of specialized talent.

It benefits the individual, the company, and the industry at large by letting the right company find the right employee at the right time.

Benefits to Job Seekers:

Get free direct access to industry-specific jobs and employers online.

Post your resume online - for free.

Make your resume public or maintain your confidentiality, sending it to only the employers you select.

Convenient searching by multiple criteria.

Save time and money by applying for targeted jobs online.

Receive email alerts when jobs matching your needs are posted.

Benefits to Employers:

Access a specialized talent pool quickly and easily.

Recruit qualified job candidates more cost-effectively.

Put your recruiting budget to work for the betterment of the industry - with rates that are competitive with major, non-targeted job search websites (discounts available for AFIP Industry Members).

Post job announcements in real time right from your computer.

Confidentially search the resumes of people qualified for the job you need filled.

Track your recruiting results online.

The AFIP CareerCenter will officially launch within the next fifteen days, but interested employers and job seekers are encouraged to start now by going to

If you have any questions, email AFIP at or call 817.428.2434.


This seems like a very good idea. I support it as I believe in AFIP's certification program. Having AFIP certified F&I managers is definitely a sign of a "well run" automotive F&I Department.



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Profit Drivers said...

The Career Center is a great idea! I have a similar concept in the membership web site,, dedicated to Canadian BC dealerships only for now. The "job posting board" is accessible to members, I like the detailed layout of the Career Center, options to consider as our membership grows.