Friday, May 9, 2008

Why Background Checks are a Good Idea

Why background checks are a good idea: Dealership employee the subject of identity theft investigation

More than 200 customers could be at risk. A little pre-employment checking could have avoided trouble

A woman working at a Sanford, Florida, car dealership is accused of trying to steal the identities of customers. Authorities said more than 200 customers of the dealership could have been targeted, according to a report on WESH-TV.

The woman was pulled over by police for speeding last Sunday. Investigators said they found more than 200 Social Security numbers that were jotted on pieces of paper, in notebooks and on sales contracts for cars.

According to the woman’s family, she used to work for Drive Time Auto Sales. Police claimed she used her job at the dealership to steal identities.

The accused woman’s sister said she was surprised to learn of the investigation. She shouldn’t have been. It turns out the woman had an outstanding warrant in Georgia for similar identity theft and fraud charges.

Investigators said they spent all day May 5 running the 200 Social Security numbers through a national database to alert potential victims.

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Anonymous said...

Drive Time??? Why on earth would she even want those social security #'s. They are all bad risk client with low FICO scores of below 500.

Drive-Time does not count as a dealership.

Anonymous said...

Why steal bad risk identiites? Because they are probably the less likely to notice it. They probably don't even answer collection calls, and if they do, they will probably have a hard time proving that it was not them who took that loan with 23% interests.